FIFTH HOUR HERO: You Have Hurt My Business and My Reputation Too: CD

Mar 25, 2009

I love this band! Quebeçois punk rock! Girl and boy vocals! (I wish we were at the point in punk rock where I didn’t have to point out when there are girl vocals, but, unfortunately, this is still mostly a boy band scene! Just look at the Backstreet Boys! NO girls at ALL!) Anyway, three songs of great melodic punk, plus one more folky number! Think Discount! If you haven’t already bought their LP, Scattered Sentences, what’s wrong with you? If this were a cereal, it’d be Marshmallow Alpha Bits! Could become Lucky Charms [my favorite!] quite soon! My only complaint? I’m assuming you speak French, so why no French songs? Je l’aimerais bien!

 –maddy (No Idea)

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