FIFTH HOUR HERO: Not Revenge... Just a Vicious Crush: CD

Jul 25, 2006

Having listening to music for so long, I often play this game with myself. “What if Discount was a supergroup with No Division-era Hot Water Music and Alison didn’t sing quite as much?” “What if they let it all spool out, did duets, and let it get epic?” (And not “whoah, dude,” bong, big clouds, car chase epic, but high desert, full moon, clear head epic.) “What if Leatherface was French Canadian, and a bit more sweet? In what ways would the poutine offset the fish and chips?” Fifth Hour Hero answers all these questions: expansive, smart, and driving punk that’s as much giving honor to the past as to looking through the cracked windshield, excited and weary, on the long highway to the next gig. Their first record didn’t do much for me. This one’s doing plenty. As they said to the dude who lopped off Marie Antoinette’s head: well executed.

 –todd (No Idea)

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