FIFTH ESTATE #384: Spring 2011, $4.00, 8 ½” x 11”, printed, 39 pgs.

Jun 03, 2011

The latest issue from this long-running (forty-six years and counting) anarchist periodical. The issue’s theme is DIY, features an interview with Kathleen Hanna (ex-Bikini Kill, Le Tigre) , and articles on DIY subjects ranging from pirate radio, communal living, sex, and media, as well as letters, book and music reviews, some brief news pieces, and other articles. While the interview with Hanna is interesting, the two pieces that most held my attention were Timothy Messer-Kruse’s article reexamining the story of the Haymarket martyrs, “The Haymarket Martyrs: Guilty! So What?” and Walker Lane’s thoughtful review of Lierre Keith’s The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability. Messer-Kruse’s article casts the Haymarket victims in a more radical light, challenging the more moderate version of them in the history books, and is sure to spark new interest in their story. Lane’s review of The Vegetarian Myth is the article most likely to be the target of uppity vegans everywhere. Taking Keith and her arguments, as well as the arguments and actions of her detractors to task, Lane exposes the logical fallacies and hypocrisies of both. Keith was hit in the face with a cayenne crème pie at a speaking engagement by pro-vegan “activists” for her position on vegetarianism. The editors of FE are no doubt on the lookout for the cayenne-laced letters that will follow this review. –Paul J. Comeau (Fifth Estate, PO Box 201016, Ferndale, MI48220,

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