Jan 29, 2009

Fast, spazzy, and satisfying punk rock in the vein of The Zero Boys (whom they cover), Black Flag, and JFA with flourishes of newer incarnations like the Thumbs and Dick Army (not the violin LA one, the good one in NYC). It's full of melody without being outright poppy. It's fast, but every note's still being hit (so rule out powerviolence), and it's hard to type when I listen to it because my fist always wants to raise up and pump along. The cool thing about Fields of Fire is that although they remind me of past great bands from the early '80s, I don't get all misty with nostalgia, but get the sense of a band looking ahead while using some of the tools of the past, and sharpening them for the songs ahead. Looking forward to the progression. This ain't bad at all.

 –todd (Fields of Fire)