FIELD DAY: Christian Television: 7”

May 18, 2010

Take a dash of the late-’90s jangle of Sacramento’s Sunney Sindicut Records roster (Pivot, Popesmashers, etc.) and pour it in a tumbler full of the huge shoegaze/indie scene from a few years later. Throw in some packaging that’s more Mr. Pibb than Dr. Pepper (the cover’s a tad forgettable, sorry) and you’ve got your Field Day. All three songs are instrumental with the first two being quick, mostly pretty, bursts of sound. But on the flip, the song “Barbie with Gun” really forces you outside the box a bit. Weird, weird time signatures, complex notes that leap into crazy spasms of distortion and then back into the light-hearted, “fun with teddy bears” romp. I personally didn’t care for their stuff, but I gotta give ‘em points for testing the sturdiness of expectations and still sounding like a cohesive unit.

 –keith (Rorschach)