FICTION REFORM: Revelation in the Palms of the Weak: CD

Jul 29, 2010

This starts off sounding like a mix of Pennywise and Distillers. The songs are certainly adequate in that vein, but never quite take off. One problem for me is that the vocals don’t quite gel on some of the songs. The singer, Brenna, seems to have her voice pushed unnaturally far up in the mix on some of the songs, like in the lead track, “Whites in Their Eyes.” The parts where this stands out to me are the later tracks where the band slows down, like “Come Back Home,” which is a ballad that’s mostly multi-tracked vocals and an acoustic guitar, and the dirgey “180 Avant Garde.” These more low key songs are really good in the way that some of the moodier later day Distiller’s stuff was, or maybe a less rockabilly Miss Derringer. I would definitely check out more stuff of theirs that followed that route.

 –Adrian (Basement)