FEVERS, THE: Gaan Daar Waar de Meisjes Zijn: LP

Jul 09, 2009

The Fevers take titan missile-sized cues from The Heartbreakers. But it’s mid-paced, clean, clever, with poking hints of snarl instead of stabbing away at darkness full force. It’s all well and fine, but this is just one of those records that makes me reach for the original wellspring – vinyl crackles, ring wear on the cover art and all – instead of this scrubbed-behind-the ears, smiling update. Although I wish them no harm and don’t think they suck, I just wish this was faster and dirtier and more their own gig. Danger’s traded in for driver’s side air bags, it seems. On the plus side, it’s on royally thick vinyl.

 –todd (Alien Snatch)

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