FEVER B: The Lonely Sailor Sessions: 12” EP

Jul 06, 2010

I don’t know if formats get any better than this: 12” that plays at 45 RPM with the same program on both sides. I also don’t know if I’ve heard anything this good recently. Imagine The Nerves coming out fifteen years later and recording in a bedroom after having listened to Teenage Fanclub and early Ramones. Supplement that with a soft-voiced rocker who exudes a striking amount of self confidence in his concerned-yet-suave delivery. Note the subtle hint of Big Star. Now be amazed by the results: fuzzed-out power pop run through an indie rock filter that has an appreciation for punk. (From what I found on the internet, this is one of the guys from The Fevers, whom I checked out after hearing this; they are good but not nearly as good as this. I do believe that I also read that Fever B actually recorded this a while back.) This one is limited to 500 (at least numbered out of 500) and comes in a screen-printed jacket with hand-stamped labels. Don’t wait. I really don’t know how this got outta HQ and into my hands. I can’t recommend this enough.

 –Vincent (Burger)