Just when I thought crust was on the outs, along comes this record to change my narrow way of thinking. Holy fuggin’ Kuhryst! This record is a crusher from start to end. It’s heavily influenced by Swedish bands like Skitsystem, Wolfpack, and Victims, but with added intensity: massive wall of guitar, low end forever, pummeling percussion, and throaty, raspy vocals. They have a way of building the songs, creating a tension—then when it all comes together—there’s this underlying groove that pulls you in and carries you along for the duration. There’s a definite urgency in the playing that really makes this stuff work and not sound tired or like a band going through the motions. You can hear it in the way the guitars are bashed and the drums are smashed—as fast as they are rhythmic. Fast without being thrash, just give “Osada Nezivych” a spin, for example. I love how the bass has a tough-as-nails sound, thick with some distortion. The transition between “Driv Nebo Pozdeji” to “Kde Clovek Dodychal” is fantastic and keeps the energy constant. Great, great, great record!

 –M.Avrg ((Insane Society, insanesociety.net)