May 20, 2014

Anger gets me out of the bed in the morning. I’m angry that I have so much unfinished work. I’m angry that my students are neglected by their daytime teachers and their parents, that my dad got laid off after thirty years of loyalty, and that my best friend still has to explain to men and women alike why she is a feminist. If you’re angry, too, then Haematic will be your partner in crime. Put it down on the turntable. Let it bludgeon your cerebellum: you won’t ever be the same. Musical minimalism is tricky, but Feral Future has all of their requisites fulfilled: unharnessed ferocity, self-assured vocals, hard-hitting drums, agitated guitars, and acid-spewing indictments of oppressive bullshit. The record comes with a fold-out poster with a “trigger warning” for those who have suffered “sexual violence, and or, abuse.” Feral Future approaches these topics with as much subtlety as a sledgehammer, but what’s being said is important so it’d be wise to pay attention. “I wanna ruin you, because you’ve ruined me.” This isn’t revenge; it’s justice. “These girls are tougher than your feeble attacks.” This is support, community, and mutual respect. It’s refreshing to hear yelled what often goes unsaid. My highest recommendation. 

 –Sean Arenas (Western Medical, westernmedicalrecords.com)