FERAL BABIES: Violent Boredom: EP

Mar 27, 2012

Pretty good debut EP from this Florida outfit. They play straight-up hardcore punk that has more in common with the past than the present, but doesn’t sound like anyone in particular, which is a rare thing anymore. The only comparison I can make is that the vocalist, Justin Arnold, sometimes sounds like Sam MacPheeters. But that’s it. These guys are their own entity. A little bit fast, a little bit slow. They definitely have more than one color in their pallet. The bass has a beefy sound and you can always hear it snaking around in the music. A crunching guitar is loud in the mix. The drums bring the urgency. I can see songs like “Teenage Extinction” and “Bad Times” going over well at live shows. “Bad Times,” because of the simple and to-the-point lyrics, and “Teenage Extinction,” because of the ending with “All the teenagers are terminal” being repeated over and over.

 –M.Avrg (Rigid)

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