May 18, 2010

It’s kinda funny: I’ve had releases by both of these bands for a long time, but never really listened to either of them. A while back, there was a mishap with an order I did with Dead Broke. When I received my actual order, I got a free Fellow Project CD for the trouble. I never listened to it, thinking that it was something that they just had lying around (I guess that’s just how my mind works). Jonesin did a split with Shang-A-Lang. I listened to the Jonesin side when I got it, noting that it was ex-Down In The Dumps. I recall thinking that it was okay, but much preferring the SAL side—no offense, but they do an awesome fucking Lou Reed song on their side. So this is kind of the first time that I’ve really listened to either band. Fellow Project offer up some poppy, punky post hardcore. Jonesin lay down two tunes in the Tiltwheel via Crimpshrine vein of gruff-voiced dude punk.

 –Vincent (Kiss Of Death)