FELLOW PROJECT: Basic Axemanship: 10” EP

Fellow Project encapsulates everything I enjoy about post-hardcore (dark, brooding tones, complex arrangements, thumping bass, a balance between frenzy and calm). What’s pleasantly absent is overindulgence or meandering interludes. It’s easier to grasp these East Coast folks within binary oppositions: technical without devolving into incomprehensible mathematics, skillful but not flashy, and noisy without puncturing your eardrums. The frantic interplay in “Brutal Woods” pivots into a spacious melody reminiscent of Archers Of Loaf. “Sweet Release” opens with a serene Slint-like riff that skillfully escalates into a conclusion worthy of its name. In “Hidebound” and “Get Stormy,” the female singer is a respite from the gruff masculine angst and assists in crescendos and contributes harmonies throughout. Thankfully, there’s no screamo epicness à laPianos Become The Teeth or explicitly pining hearts, rather Fellow Project walks a razor-thin tightrope with impeccable balance, delivering six songs of heavy punk sans indigestion. Highly recommended. 

 –Sean Arenas (Dead Broke, deadbrokerecords.com)