FEEDERZ: Vandalism: Beautiful as a Rock in a Cop’s Face: CD

Jun 23, 2009

The Feederz were a legendary eighties hardcore band. Lead singer Frank Discussion reformed this incarnation of the band, and we’re all better for it. They have a very confrontational approach to punk rock (as you can see in the interview with them, conveniently placed within the pages of this issue of Razorcake), and it’s easy to simply be offended by them. The trick is to go beyond that, to confront the issues that their lyrics force you to confront. This whole approach is what gives the Feederz their edge. But it would be a shame to discount them as just a message put to music. The music itself is solid. It’s hard for me to avoid comparing them to the Dead Kennedys, and not just because Frank Discussion ran off with Jello Biafra’s wife. Because Discussion also ran off with a handful of EastBay Ray-style riffs while he was at it. Apparently, he pocketed some DH Peligro drum sections, too, and put those beats on loan to Feederz’s drummer, Ben Wah. And, from there, they built their own disjointed sound that simultaneously irritates you and makes you enjoy the irritation. If you’ve never heard the Feederz, I recommend starting with Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss. After that, you’ll just follow the natural progression to pick up this album. If you’re thinking, c’mon, there’s no way the Feederz could be as edgy and relevant as they once were, pick up this album and prove yourself wrong.

 –sean (Broken Rekids)