FEEDERZ, THE: Teachers in Space: CD

Feb 18, 2009

With a picture of the space shuttle Challenger blowing up, the title doesn’t sound as nicey nice. While not as tickling my punk fancy as their first record, there are more harmonies, less thud, and opens with a Crass-y spoken word over tortured instruments song that isn’t as essential. In other words, a bit more arty, but upon repeated listens, it’s growing on me. It makes me realize how truly funny, diverse, and inventive The Feederz could be away from hardcore. The song titled “Intermission (Time for a Snack)” is just that. Mellow vibes and a ticking clock for a minute and five seconds. Half of “Taking the Night” sounds like a musical. A really good musical that I’d like. About rioting. So, if you see both this and Ever Feel…, get the other, but if you have a choice between this and, say, an emo record, this’ll do your head good. As an added bonus, this also has a long live show video on it (which can’t be played on record players).

 –todd (Broken)