FEEDERZ, THE: Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss: CD

Feb 18, 2009

Anger can be an amazing source for inspiration. This is classic, long hard-to-find, caustic, dark shit that would do you well to pick up. Spearheaded by the acid-spitting Frank Discussion, The Feederz never took any sides – left or right, right or wrong – except their own. Yet they were super-intelligent and graphically smart about pulling off this musical coup. You’d think that something so nihilistic would immediately implode on itself. Luckily, they recorded a couple albums before that happened (although they’re playing out again). The songs themselves are fantastic and it’s almost impossible to trace how many bands have shamelessly borrowed from The Feederz without giving credit where credit’s due – from the outright intelligent antagonism (rarely duplicated), the guitar strangulation, the absolutely amazing drumming that sets a definite mood and pace, the ability to play a slower song that’s completely frenetic and dizzy, how to make truly moving protest-against-everything music, and the flow of the entire album itself. The Feederz were many things, but they had several recurring themes: anti-capitalism, anti-advertising, anti-submission, and anti-religion. Indispensable jewels are songs like “1984,” which rails against working so someone else can make a buck off of you. (“You go to school for twelve years where you learn just one thing/ How not to mind being bossed.”) In every fold of the CD jacket, Frank suggests you steal this album, to use their artwork, to tape the songs at home. Juxtaposing the CD cover subvertisement of an attractive, busty bandita is the talk bubble, “Vandalism, beautiful as a rock in a cop’s face.” Leaving no big stone unturned and walking away from no fights, they go right for the robe. In “Jesus,” re-named from the original LP’s “Entering from the Rear” – leaves little room for interpretation. (“Jesus entering from the rear/ Fucking you in the ass/ Just another faggot/ In just another mass.”) I’ve always found it more than a little weird that The Feederz didn’t get as popular as, say, Dead Kennedys. Perhaps it’s because they fought with their gloves off and they constantly attacked for exposed, hypocritical throats. Perhaps it was because this album was fucking tough to find for years. The original LP version of Ever Feel… (“Pay no more than $0.00 for this record”) had sandpaper on both sides of the jacket, designed to scuff the records next to it, as a fuck you to record collectors (which backfired, because it’s worth a lot of dough.) All said and done, this is an extremely welcome re-issue that I’ll be playing incessantly. The irony that this is quite possibly more timely than when it was first released doesn’t escape me either.

 –todd (Broken)