FEEDBACK #11: $?, 5½” x 7½”, copied, 48 pgs.

Nov 20, 2012

Imagine if Ben Snakepit didn’t limit the recounting of his whole day to three panels, and quit smoking weed in order to make it to more shows, and drew in less of a hurry, and you might have a good idea of what this zine is like. Most of this consists of a reproduced flier from a show, then a comic about the author’s time at the show. He has a good pace and punchiness for the medium he uses, and he can’t hide the fact that he is a total scumbag. He’s always trying to get drink tickets, or free admission, or buying the gross, crappy, cheap food instead of stuffing his face with luxury like his friends. Now, I love a good scumbag, and this guy seems like a nice, insightful, good-humored one, and a total music nerd to boot. All good ingredients for a show review zine. Bonus, and a little more boring, is the record/zine reviews in the end: no pictures, and far less magic than the show reviews, but all in all this is a good zine. -Dave Brainwreck (John Isaacson, PO Box 42041, Portland, OR97242)

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