FED UP: Discography 2004–2009: Cassette

Jul 29, 2010

The lyric-less insert that accompanies this cassette claims that this is “tooth chippin’ fastcore.” I’d be hard up to find a good argument against this being fastcore; however, I walked away from this tape with all teeth intact—well, no different than when I pressed play. The guitarist knows a few chords. The drummer knows one beat: the fast one. The bassist probably stares at his or her bass. And the vocalist screeches out the lyrics like he is being poked with a stick. Add that up to get an all right-sounding band…kind of. The first side is made up of two demos, a live set, and two comp tracks; it is pretty unlistenable due to poor quality recording. The back side is a bit better with only three demo tracks, the quality of which I can’t totally recall. This side also has two EPs and a split, which constitute the best material on the cassette. The sequence is chronological, and the band seems to have gotten better as time passed. If you are the type that likes to have all recordings by a band that did some pretty okay stuff and you missed out on the earlier releases, then I recommend the tape; otherwise, I would try to seek out their 7” with the Altered States rip off cover.

 –Vincent (Intellect, intcollective.com)