Featured Weekly Videos for March 31st 2013: the Rhythm Chicken plays for children on Avenue 53

Mar 31, 2013

Last week's video post got hastily eaten by our website's starving internals, so instead you get a double dose of Chicken on this, the day of Zombie Jesus!

The beginning of the Rhythm Chicken's West Coast 2013 tour started shakily, playing to children on the verge of tears, clawing frantically for safety in their parents arms.

Luckily, there were kids across the street several years older and wiser to the ways of impromptu street performances. Even their unimpressed father managed to eek out a few claps of moderate appreciation! Now that's more like it.

We are committed to bringing you every (legal) moment of the Rhythm Chicken tour! Expect more ruckus weekly, until we run out of footage!

Until then, watch these videos over and over on our youtube channel, or check out literally any of the other thousand videos we have to offer.

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