Featured Weekly Videos for April 7th 2013: Rhythm Chicken visits the beautiful LA River By Candice

Apr 07, 2013

I hope you are ready for another batch of hot steamin' ruckus!

We've got a set of truly thrilling videos. This week, the Rhythm Chicken competes with traffic on Marmion Way, and adds a sountrack to the beautiful LA River.

We set the chicken up in front of the eye-catching mural on Marmion and let him loose. A few honks of appreciation and/or confusion can be heard, and the chicken's sign nearly gets blown away. The thrills! The action!


Next Mission: disturb the peace and tranquility of the majestic LA River!  

More ruckus will be comin' to you weekly, complete with super-pro video editing by Zonkers. In the meantime, catch up on all you've missed at our youtube channel and keep on cluckin'