Featured Videos of the Week for March 17th 2013: something about a new Sister Series? By Candice

Mar 17, 2013

You may have heard that we sometimes put out records. If, for some reason, you've missed the news on every other available channel, our latest Sister Series is here!

The one-two punch of Lenguas Largas and Mind Spiders is a combination straight out of my dreams and into your ears. Embrace the chaos and dive in head first.

We've uploaded a track from each 7" to start holes furiously burning in all of your pockets.

Mind Spiders - Long Time Ago

Lenguas Largas - Si Es Cierto

If you can't get enough hypnotizing, synthy goodness, both 7" are available for a meager 8 bucks.

Maybe you prefer youtube videos with moving pictures? We've got that!