Featured Videos for April 15th 2013: the Chicken versus Los Angeles, part the third By Candice

Apr 15, 2013

Good news, ruckus fans! We have further documented evidence of the Chicken in Los Angeles!

Little Tokyo seems relatively undisturbed, as though guys in chicken/rabbit heads set up drum kits on the sidewalk with regularity. Is anyone even looking? Are they all deaf? NO ONE KNOWS! All that is known is that the ruckus was brought, and this is the proof.

Unfortunately we don't have the technology to provide you with the proper voice-over that would truly do this next video justice. So please, just imagine it in your heads.

A few adventurers scurry past, probably hoping not to be seen by the weird guy on a drum kit in the middle of the woods.

Oh well. We shall continue bringing the ruckus to the people, whether the people are into the ruckus or not! Check back in approximately seven days' (give or take a day) time for yet another round of the Rhythm Chicken's West Coast Tour! In the meantime, keep your ADD-addled brain occupied with one of our many of youtube videos!