Jan 06, 2011

Hard-driving, straight-up punk with an edge is what I would call these boys. I have seen them live and, hopefully, will again sometime soon. Wait—do a “Canada Invades the U.S.” tour with The Riptides! (Thank me later after all the cold, hard cash rolls in). “Correction Facility” is a cool tune that anchors this record. “I Wanna Be a Werewolf” is funny, but the animal sounds could have used a bit more snarl. “Summertime” is an awesome song to guide you to the end of this album. I’ve heard the uninformed compare this band to Teenage Bottlerocket. Doesn’t TB get compared to some other band? I can’t remember—but I think you get my drift. Take it as it comes and just give this record a shot. I’ll bet you at least eight bucks that you’ll agree with me. I will have to write you an I.O.U., however, if you disagree. Times is tight.

 –koepenick (It’s Alive)