FAVL: Il Prezzo Da Pagare: 7”

Nov 13, 2013

Italy has produced scores of great bootboy bands, from the infamous Nabat (though their later catalog sort of fizzled out), to the obscuriosities like Grey Shadow (whose lone recording, two tracks on the amazing Goot from the Boot compilation, set a sort of strange tone for oi/death rock) to more modern bands like Razzapparte. FAVL have more in common with the latter, but lack the positive melodies, instead going for a more malicious vibe. They still have that second guitar to throw melodic riffs, but they’re simple and menacing. As generic as my comparison may sound, they literally sound like a cross between Condemned 84 and early Nabat. This record is definitely not for people who aren’t already fans of the genre, and the pressing of 250 represents their forced exclusivity. For anyone who actually knows what the hell I’ve been saying for the last paragraph, this is for you and you won’t be disappointed.

 –Ian Wise (Stratum, stratumrecords.nl)