FAULTY CHROMOSOME, A: Craving to Be Coddled: CD

May 21, 2010

When I opened this CD, there was a small note attached to it. It read: “We are a band with no money. Promotion is quite expensive, so this CD was duplicated by a DIY punk kid who sadly did a lousy job. Please note that the transition between tracks one and two will be much smoother on the retail album than it appears on this particularly cruddy compact disk, okay? We are very sorry. Try not to dismiss us purely for this reason? We need your help by reviewing this album.” Dudes, the barely noticeable bad edit between the first and second tracks on this album is the least of your worries. This is self-indulgent, rambling indie rock garbage of the worst kind. They even have a comic book they expect you to read along with the album! (Not that that would always be a bad thing—Cannibal Corpse did it, too!) Somebody take away this guy’s journal and burn his keyboard, pronto!

 –Ryan Horky (Yelping Hill, yelpinghillrecords.com)