FATHER FIGURES, THE: Lesson Number One: CD

May 13, 2011

Again I say, I dunno what they put in the Kool-Aid out in Arizona, but true to form, this three-piece, featuring former members of North Side Kings, the Voice, and the mighty Jodie Foster’s Army, dishes up stuff that sounds familiar but is tweaked just enough to bend the noggin a little. This is Arizona sun-damaged surf-meets-Baiza post-punk less interested in loping dub bass influences than creative restructuring of the “loud and angry” template, and melds urgency with intelligence, catchiness with dissonance, sophistication with blunt force. Could this be the missing link between early Saccharine Trust and Fugazi? Can’t rightly say, but it is some pretty fuggin’ good ruckus-makin’.

 –jimmy (AZPX, azpx.com)

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