FATE VS FREE WILLY: Every Human Was a Child: 7” EP

Despite the horrible name, this may be a band you might want to check out. Severely art damaged (or is it “deranged”?) minimal no wave punk and further beyond type of racket. Instruments are distorted, soaked to the bone in reverb and blown way the hell, out to where they are unrecognizable. Plus the vocals are buried just deep enough to where you really have to listen to make out what they’re saying, which in turn forces you to listen even closer to the music. Sneaky fucks. The rhythms are simple, repetitive, and catchy, pounding their way deep into your cranium. “Locked In” is my favorite, and all four of these songs are really good. But it’s “Locked In” that really makes me stop what I’m doing and listen. It’s the switching back and forth of the vocals, as well as the grinding distortion of the bass (I think that’s what it is). My only complaint about this record is that is only four songs. I want more. And I’m feeling lazy, and don’t want to have to keep getting up over and over to flip the record over and over. 

 –M.Avrg (If Society)