FAT WORM OF ERROR: Ambivalence and the Beaker: CD

Jan 06, 2011

The mental movie my noggin makes up as this is playing: A man falls asleep with a mouthful of Pop Rocks. Some construction going on outside his window wakes him up and he begins raving incoherently, rampaging around in his room in total surprise and fear. Settling down, he turns on the television, but can’t seem to get it to tune to anything in particular. His mother comes into the room, stomping on the cat’s tail and ranting about circadian rhythms, perplexed scientists, and time travelling fecal matter. He goes outside to milk a cow and is accosted by a mosquito. Annoyed, he goes back inside, rubs two busted, notched pieces of wood together, and turns on a cassette player to listen to some music, but the tape is too tight and the singing is warbly. He begins banging on the player, which of course does no good and he ends up flinging the whole thing down some stairs, where it hisses, pops, and rambles on from the basement. The man then decides to play video games and a drum set at the same time. That failing to alleviate his boredom, he puts an LP on the stereo and toggles the record back and forth, impeding its playing, then releasing it, then putting his hand back on it. He finally lets it go—it’s a recording of the mosquito and some of its friends playing atonal, arrhythmic noise music. The man places the whole stereo in a box, puts it in the washer, fills up the machine with water, and leaves. Outside, he again runs into the mosquito that was annoying him earlier in the morning, which is now mistakenly under the impression that the construction workers are musicians and is warbling along to their work noises. The man decides to join in, but he’s just as tone deaf and the mosquito, thanks to all that time listening to warped tapes and fucked-with records. He finds an archaic drum machine in the rubble and begins fiddling with it. Yeah, it ain’t exactly a tale Kafka, or even Buñuel & Dalí would drool over, but I reckon it is proof the tuneless cornucopia of sound this release is comprised of was effective on some level.

 –jimmy (resipiscent.com)