FAT STUPIDS: Self-titled: 7”

Hear me out, okay? It snows in Canada. A lot, to my current understanding. I assumed, instead of spending time outside, like the rest of the world likes to do, Canadians stay inside and write songs all day. Bands get formed that wouldn’t form in the United States because of all the snow. How close am I? Fat Stupids are from Halifax. Their record was mixed and mastered by members of the Crusades and The Creeps. The record sounds like the midway point between the Creeps and the Copyrights. The vocals come from two singers, both using a melodious, but forceful shout in their songs. The songwriting itself is a fine example of modern pop punk. This wins the “best music I got to review” award for this month.

 –Bryan Static (Rad Girlfriend / No Breaks, nobreaksrecords.com)