Fat Bloke, Thin Book: Or My Life of Total Glamour and Untold Riches in the Enter: By Arturo Bassick, 110 pgs. By Jimmy

Aug 21, 2008

Of all the bands making the scene in England circa 1977, The Lurkers were the ones with the Ramones influence in most obvious evidence. Their tunes were brief, steeped in power chords, simple yet catchy, and faster than a good many of their peers. Though not the original bassist, Arturo Bassick was about as close to that distinction as one can get—he joined the band not too long after they started, penned a few key tracks, played on their first single before quitting the band, then joined a reformed lineup of the band a decade later, and has been running the show ever since (as well as playing bass in the still-active 999). Like the band, his writing voice is friendly and filled with humor, yet not afraid to make a serious point when necessary, as he recounts his humble beginnings in London, how he got into punk rock, and the trials and tribulations he found himself in along the way. It’s a short read, but packed with many interesting stories, tour anecdotes, and insider history. Fans of the genre will find much that is interesting here. –Jimmy Alvarado (Bassick Publications, no address)

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