FAT BEAVERS: Still Don’t Know What to Do: LP

Jan 06, 2011

French band with a horrible name and an interesting palette. Charming accents and decidedly weird lyrics layered over elements of pop punk, indie twinkling, and the occasional hardcore-like blast. I honestly can’t tell if they’re a funny band that shoots for seriousness every once in a while, or a serious band that’s unintentionally funny. I mean, lines like “uvula is not the horizon” and “advertising world you block my cock, spectacular scenes you suck my dick” are pretty much just nonsense, and there’s a song about how the singer has fallen in love with his dentist. So they’re a joke band, right? And yet songs like “Hate and Apathy” or “Dead Or Something”—apart from the fact that the dude’s vocals are a dead ringer for Draw Muhammad-era Cobra Skulls—could almost pass for hardcore with their structure, speed, and unbridled, galloping nervousness. And then “Snowfall” sounds like Onion Flavored Rings. Jesus. I’ve listened to this one quite a bit and I still can’t get a handle on it at all. Co-released by approximately ten different labels aaaaaand the band has apparently broken up.

 –keith (Slow Death)