Fastcore Photos: By Will Butler, 128 pgs. By M.Avrg

Jul 03, 2014

This book collects the first three issues of its namesake. The primary concern of the zine was to document the punk scene, local and non-local, as it happened in and around North Carolina, not just the next town or two over, but also in states like Virginia, and Maryland. Musically, this was focused (no pun intended, but what the hell!) on the heavier and thrashier end of things, with photos of bands like Coke Bust, Bear Trap, Dropdead, Thou, Negative Approach, and the sort. First issue was all photos, and the last two mixed it up with show reviews, and interviews (Backslider, Curmudgeon, Noisear, Sectarian Violence) that kept it basic and mainly focused on the music. Though it was only a couple years ago, it feels like a long time, and things have changed considerably since then, as more than a few bands in here are gone, and some have grown even bigger.

This also comes with a DVD of live footage from bands like Corrosion Of Conformity playing in what looks to be a basement (I would have loved to have been there!), Coke Bust, The Kills, Backslider, Curmudgeon, Despise You, and more. All shot on a single camera with dirty sound quality. Would you expect less? It’s all part of the experience.

Will’s passion for this stuff comes through, and makes a jaded and bitter bastard like me somewhat envious. He documented a lot of shows, and spent a lot of time and energy getting all this together, and continues working away in the DIY salt mines with his label and various musical projects. –M.Avrg (Shookup,

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