FAST FOOD: Party of Three: CD

An album by a Spanish pop punk trio released by a Japanese label. What a global age we live in. The cover art successfully evokes a spirit of fun, graphically relying on hot rods, UFOs, witches, surfing, ‘60s girl groups, food, and zombies. Basically all the coolest shit. Musically, Fast Food maintains its excellence with sixteen tracks of above-the-bar, sweet, melodic punk. What sets them apart from most of the sweet, melodic punk you already listen to is that all the lyrics are in Spanish, somehow cranking up the fun factor of the music by at least 130 percent. The only words I could discern in the English language were “Spiderman” and the phrase “gabba gabba hey,” which was invoked in three different songs on Party of Three. The entire album is basically a loving Spanish re-envisioning of the Ramones and Screeching Weasel and Fast Food are not shy about acknowledging their obvious influences. Besides all the “gabba gabba heys,” they also do a note-for-note cover of Screeching Weasel in Spanish by the moniker of “Fantasia de Supermercado.” Upon further research, I found out that Fast Food had been around since the mid-’90s and the new record is the best tunes off their previous two records recorded with a suitable recording budget. In any case, mucho gusto Fast Food, you have made my summer a bit more bouncy and enjoyable.

 –Jake Shut (SP,