FASHIONISM: Smash the State (With Your Face): 7” EP

May 06, 2015

The A side is a super-duper bubblegum glam hit that sounds like Chapman/Chinn crossed with U.K. power pop circa 1979, and is pretty clearly Jeff from the Tranzmitors singing. The flip is a less buzzworthy number plus a cover from ‘80s Rocky Horror Picture Show follow-up Shock Treatment, which I admit I had to google, despite once using the picture from the movie poster in a collage for my fanzine about thirty years ago. Obtain this item and keep yourself on the right side of the manifesto! BEST SONG: “Smash the State (With Your Face)” BEST SONG TITLE: Duh, same. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Observe closely and you will see that one of the black stripes on the image of the girl on the cover is reflex blue instead of black. 

 –norb (Hosehead,