FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM, #1 & #2: $3, 8 ½” x 11”, 20 pgs.

Jan 23, 2012

Always glad to see more hardcore punk music zines in the world. Fashionable Activism is, for sure, in my permanent collection. The layout is cut and paste, but not overcrowded or confusing. The musical coverage is of bands I find interesting, but the thing I like most about this zine is Kevin’s attitude and how he puts it through in his writing. I found myself laughing at a lot of things he’d say in reviews and some of the questions he’d ask the bands. The bands are either caught off guard or they have uncomfortable reactions. The question he posed to Death Domain is classic: “Why are the chicks in synth bands so fucking lusty? Are they ‘freaks in the sheets’? Who is the hottest coldwave babie of all time?” People need to know this stuff! The first issue has interviews with No Class, and Mauser, as well as show reviews (the write up on the Abused show is worth the read), photos scattered throughout, and then some reviews of music and zines. Then the second issue interviews Shaved Women, The Men, Hipster Piss Party, and Death Domain. All rounded off with a bunch of reviews and photos. –M.Avrg (Kevin McCaughey, 2140 W. Crystal St 3R. Chicago, IL 60622, [email protected])