Jul 21, 2015

This record came with a short background on the band that honestly threw me off. Either these guys are funny or they’ve actually been around since 1987. As far as the record goes, Fashion Week is a three-piece from New York. It has a post-hardcore, post-metal sound mixed with some alternative ‘90s rock. There’s a heavy Converge, ISIS thing going on with the music mixed with some melodic vocals. I think the bass player and the guitar player switch off on vocals duties, otherwise someone has some serious range. At times it reminds me of what Mastodon does vocally. They do a good job of giving the songs more dimension by constantly changing tempos, breaking the songs down into melodic instrumental parts, and playing straight-up heavy riffs to keep you from standing there with your arms crossed. 

 –Ryan Nichols (Solar Flare)

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