Fart Party: Vol. 2, The : By Julia Wertz By Samantha Beerhouse

Dec 22, 2009

As Julia Wertz states in a disclaimer on her site, there aren’t that many parties or farts in her autobiographical web comic. Do not despair kind reader, as she makes up for the lack of juvenile butt-related jokes with juvenile poop jokes, excessive drinking, and gratuitous (imagined) violence against annoying strangers. This book is the second physical collection of the web comic Wertz has published on a semi-regular basis for a few years now, of which I am a total devotee. Yes, it’s rad you can just read it online (if the prospect of shelling out a couple of bucks for the antics, joys, and fuck-ups of a foul-mouthed twenty-something is too much for you, hit up the online archives), but I love having a physical, tangible thing to read in bed, leave in the bathroom (that’s how I got my roommates into her work), and drop in the bath. Her work outlines the struggles of self-publishing comics, eye-humping cute guys (while being a total wuss and not talking to them), day-to-day silliness, bike rides, whiskey, and some genuinely heartfelt reflections on her childhood. The book has “bonus material,” being early attempts at comicry, and some really beautifully detailed drawings from her life in San Francisco. This is a book I’d recommend to people who are jazzed on life, but aren’t afraid to make a few stupid poop jokes to make their time dealing with mundane crap easier. –Samantha Beerhouse (Atomic Books, atomicbooks.com)