FAR OUT: Universe: LP

Sep 18, 2015

I’m a complete sucker for a hook, and this LP by Houston’s Far Out has so many catchy hooks that I don’t think I could possibly dislike this if I tried. These guys blend straight-up pop mixed with punk sensibilities in a way most bands don’t get right... but Far Out got it right. Any comparison I make will not do this record justice, but imagine a less crooning and slightly more punk Smoking Popes with a depreciated sense of self worth and a worldview so gently dismal and narcissistic that it paints a sugary yet bleak picture of hopelessness for the future without forcefully ramming it down your throat. Not exactly being a ray-of-eternal-sunshine kind of guy myself, I can relate to this, and therefore I immediately connected with this record. Aesthetically inconspicuous in that the record doesn’t have the band’s name (or any text for that matter) anywhere on the cover, I predict this will be inadvertently overlooked, which is a damn shame because it’s really, really fucking good. Recommended. 

 –Mark Twistworthy (Honeygold, faroutuniverse.bandcamp.com)