FANG: Live Cheap: CD

Feb 21, 2008

Although there is nothing in the packaging to verify it, what I am able to suss from listening to this is that you’ve got two or three live recordings here from this venerable Bay Area band, the first from one of their recent reunion shows and the others from back in the ‘80s. Great versions of classics like “The Money Will Roll Right In,” “Skinheads Smoke Dope,” “Landshark,” “They Sent Me to Hell COD,” and “Fun with Acid,” among others, can be found here, as well as some others I don’t recognize. Sound quality is pretty good throughout and the performances are pretty spirited, which is about the best one can expect from a live recording. All in all, a nice addition to your collection and guaranteed fun for the whole family.

 –jimmy (Malt Soda)