FAN ZUI XIANG FA: Self-titled: 7”

This five piece out of Beijing, China, get big ups from me. Hailing from a country that unabashedly enforces censorship of the internet and openly imprisons dissenters, these guys are flippin’ their gov the bird. Their latest release features six tracks of face-smashing, teeth-grinding hardcore punk utilizing both English and Chinese lyrics. Heavy on the metal aspect, “Rip-Off” and “Target Me” take on a more punk’n’roll song structure. While four of the six tracks are sung in Chinese, the heavy guitar chords, crashing drums, and battle cry vocals speak a language any good punker can understand (there’s a translated lyric sheet for those interested). Covering topics like over-consumption, conformity and living in a police state, this is a reminder that the struggle for freedom isn’t just here in the States, it’s global. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (World Won’t Listen)