FALTER: Self-titled: Cassette

May 30, 2014

I recently got my hand on a Falter demo, and, shit, was I impressed. Ripping straight out of Milwaukee, WI, Falter is a heavy sound that needs to grace your ears. If I had to throw in a genre, I would say it’s hardcore with a mix of crust in the vein of Dystopia. There are some Disclose-sounding riffs and you can easily hear all the instruments. Their sounds all match up really well. The recording isn’t the best, but it sounds raw, and doesn’t really take anything away from the music. Vocals are a little on the higher end and remind me a bit of earlier Martyrdod, but it definitely works for what they’re doing. The demo is damn good, and the artwork is sick too; what more could you ask for? They have a 7” coming out soon that I’m looking forward to checking out. 

 –James Meier (Reality Is A Cult, [email protected])