FALL: Sub Lingual Tablet: CD

Sep 18, 2015

The Fall is less a band than an experience. A taste to be acquired, loved, and coveted. How do you rate a band led by one Mark E Smith, fifty ex-members, and thirty previous studio albums? On their thirty-first, there has been criticism that Smith has become complacent with his longest-running line up of eight years. Was the Fall’s last outing rougher and more acerbic? Sure. Is the new album just as difficult and hypnotizing? Yes. This new LP channels moments of krautrock mixed with African rhythms and sharp post-punk. The Fall is timeless. This could be its tenth or twenty-seventh album. You cannot judge a new Fall album by what has come before. It’s another part of the machine; always the same and yet different. The late, great John Peel once said, “If anyone tells me they know which are the five best Fall albums, I’ll tell them they have missed the point. You need to own them all.” That’s how I feel about the Fall. This is just another testament to the genius Mark E Smith. 

 –Tim Brooks (Cherry Red, cherryred.co.uk)

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