FALL SILENT: Six Years in the Desert: CD

Sep 18, 2009

A goofy picture of an abandoned "Little House on the Prairie" is on the cover. There's a picture of the band in cowboy hats in time period dress - the type that you see families having the picture taken at some mall attraction - on the back. What kind of kooks are these guys? I did not know what to expect. No indication of what was in store when looking at the packaging. I sprayed a sloppy shit all over the inside of my shorts when the first track came on. How embarrassing to have to hose off my shorts because the chunks were clinging to the inside. What came thrusting out was a tornado mix of precise speed metal mixed in with a chaos mix of anger. The singer reminded me of a mix of Springa from SSD and Spike from DRI. Hey, two Initial bands in one comment! These guys have their metal chops down, and not like all these neu-metal bands that I see on MTV-X. More traditional in the licks. They seem to want to be complicated and at the same time pull forth a rage that catches the attention of this listener. Their punk roots show in their covers of Black Flag and 7 Seconds. Their campiness shows in their cover of Pat Benatar and the theme song from Sesame Street. This was a treat - like having your first wet dream and realizing that you didn't pee in your sleep.

 –don (Revelation)