FALL SILENT: Drunken Violence: CD

Jan 29, 2009

I came about these guys by accident when I got a copy of their previous release, Six Years in the Desert. I was so blown away because I didn’t expect to be pummeled with a punch to my skull by the sheer speed and rage that was forced into my senses. Continuing on with their manic ways, a new episode is unleashed. Man, I love that traditional speed metal sound these guys present to me. My neck goes spastic and start to bang out of control when I hear the riffage. If you hate metal, go away. But you have to respect a band that puts their heart out front when they are playing Heart’s “Barracuda.” Playing it seriously and not for a joke. Like if Judas Priest was doing a cover of it. Bang your head. Metal health will drive you mad. Ha, ha, ha.

 –don (Revelation)