FALL-OUTS, THE: Summertime: CD

Mar 25, 2009

…while a zippy-but-uncute slammer like “All In My Mind” provides a swift and effective refresher course on why we all liked this band in the ‘90s, and “Shortcut” yields an at least marginally serviceable mutation of Donovan’s take on Al Kooper’s “Season of the Witch,” and the album’s entire peculiar Mod Meat Puppets vibe is, if nothing else, un-completely-played-out, i can’t help but live in mortal fear that some bastard rock critic somewhere is going to make the joke that this album really oughtta be called There We Go And Other Misses. Ooooooops. BEST SONG: “All In My Mind” BEST SONG TITLE: “One Thought Too Much” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Staring at the Sun” is not the Angry Samoans song (but i wouldn’t mind if it was). 

 –norb (Estrus)