FALL FROM GRACE, THE: The Colours of Change: CD

Not to be confused with the Seattle band Fall From Grace, this three piece from Copenhagen, Denmark has one guy singing and another guy screaming. (Or maybe it’s the same guy? The CD doesn’t list who does what.) When the screaming guy screams, it sounds like Tim from Rise Against and when he sings it can be reminiscent of Jonah from Far. I’m old enough to remember there being a lot of this singing/screaming melodic hardcore/punk stuff going on in the early to mid 2000s. The Colours of Change has song titles like, “If Only These Walls Would Sleep,” “Funeral for an Enemy,” and “Retribution Revolution,” which, while unique, are also the type of song titles that seem to accompany this kind of music. These types of bands want to be slightly poetic with their titles to go along with their oh-so-emotional sound; they never are direct with their song titles, and rarely do they ever use just one word. The exception for this on The Colours of Change is that the album is bookended with the songs “Introvert” and “Extrovert.” Just like the rest of this album, it’s incredibly clever and creative. Uh, not really. 

 –kurt (Schizophrenic)