Sep 18, 2015

My P.I.C. Cheetah convinced me to head downtown on a Wednesday night, shattering my plans to once again celebrate my #domesticbliss. So I got on my bike. It’s true; I needed to get out of the house. We rode downtown and caught the last couple songs of our buddy’s band. I was about one sheet in the breeze when Falcon Arrow started their set. They took me from daydream to revelation in about one minute. I dunno, maybe it’s because I’m getting old. Maybe these aren’t actually wrinkles, but new facets of this little gem becoming visible. Some years back I probably would have been bored to tears by a two-piece instrumental band. But Falcon Arrow fuckin’ moved me, y’all! It was an amazing set. Anti-Matter has definitely lived up to the emotion and power of that live performance. Effortlessly brilliant. 

 –Jackie Rusted (Self-released, falconarrow.bandcamp.com)

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