FAKES, THE: So Fashionable It Hurts: 7"

Jan 19, 2010

Orange County punk bands seem to re‑congeal, re‑form, and get sicker all of the time. It's the opposite of incest ‑ these bands' blood seems to be getting thicker. The Fakes are no exception, having recruited Skibbs Barker (ex‑Stitches drummer) and Steve Reynolds (ex‑US Bombs bassist) into their fold. The sound? This oscillates between hard‑nosed and snot‑nosed with a slurring vocalist who phrases his words into short punches. The band follows suit. At best, there's a strong undercurrent of '90s power pop (a la The Gain), in the song "Sometimes," yet with the song "Grey Matter," they slip into late‑US Bombs territory where the mid tempo plods a little too much and the repetition gets the better of the song. On the whole, it's definitely not bad and I'd keep an eye out for them, but they're no unexpected taser to the nuts, either.

 –todd (Hostage)