FAKE PROBLEMS: How Far Our Bodies Go: CD

Sep 20, 2007

This is where keeping it real goes wrong. I got this for review over at MRR too, to which I immediately said “Oh Shit,: as I did just now when I opened the package from Razorcake and saw it again. I spent a long time while listening to this record trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to say “Idonlikeit” while trying to avoid the maximum level of shit I’ll get later. You see, a friend of mine put this out. Not only that, but three of these guys are total sweethearts and although the other one perturbs me, he isn’t a totally bad gent. I’m giving him a chance to grow on me as I’ve been promised he will, but from time to time it has been a challenge. Okay, so add those things together with the fact that I’ve seen this band live and heard their record and at this point don’t particularly care for any of it... and don’t forget to toss in my natural tendency to “keeps it real” and you can see my problem. But fuck me; this is not a review of my issues reviewing this record. The real issue here is that with this record and band all the elements are there, all the dominos are lined up, but it doesn’t click. You’ve got southern Plan-It-X/No Idea punk vibe in several of its many varieties well represented, but it all comes through a little hollow. I blame it on their youth and it seems like things are happening a little too fast for these guys, but if they slow it down a touch and enjoy the ride, something good could come of it.

 –Steve Stephenson (Sabot)