FAKE LIMBS: Man Feelings: LP

The songs on this record fuse ‘90s Dischord-style staccato with pseudo-stoner metal riffs. The singer is kind of interesting in “more hoss than vocalist” sort of way, but the music never reaches much of a pace for me. It plods along in the one Black Sabbath riff it nearly rips off note for note. The one-sheet also makes too many outrageous claims. Here are a few I agree with: “These four dudes play,” “post-hardcore flavoring,” “includes digital download.” Here are a few things I don’t agree with: “on par with the legendary likes of Jesus Lizard, Pere Ubu, and The Stooges,” “finest frontman since D. Boon,” “this is the record for [me].”

 –Billups Allen (Blvd, blvdrecords.com)